Our Values

As a startup founded in challenging times, some fundamental values are particularly close to our hearts.




Our offers for you

Our portfolio includes various services with which we aim to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the sustainable digitalization of their processes and the development of new business models.


With our extensive knowledge and experience in IoT, environmental sensors, and AI, we are uniquely positioned to guide businesses towards a more sustainable future.

Funding application

Thanks to our many years of experience in the successful acquisition of public funding projects, we will guide you through the entire application process.


We conduct low-code workshops for companies on IoT and AI, focusing on empowering existing professionals from various departments within the company.


The combination of Internet of Things, environmental sensor technology and artificial intelligence is an elementary foundation for a sustainable and digital transformation.


We help companies take the first step with new technologies for sustainable business ideas and follow through with the second step of implementation as well.


To unleash their creativity and implement their own ideas, your employees need the right environment and the right tools. We have the expertise to provide you with both.

Your Journey with us

This is what a collaboration with your company could look like. We accompany you from the initial workshop, through the identification and conception of a project, to its implementation.

  • Starting point

    Thomas manages a medium-sized company. He feels that his company is being left behind due to a lack of digitalization. However, he doesn't know how to address this problem because he doesn't have the ability to hire the necessary professionals, nor do he or his employees have the expertise to solve this problem themselves.

  • Customized workshops

    Thomas then became aware of ignaite's services. After an initial contact and a joint discussion of the problem, ignaite conducted two customized workshops with Thomas and his team. The first workshop provided a general understanding of the basics and current developments in today's digital world. In the second workshop, Thomas and his team extended this knowledge by creating their own simple IoT applications.

  • Lifelong learning

    Thanks to the interactive nature of the workshops, Thomas and his team acquired a great deal of knowledge from the workshops. They are now in a considerably better position to assess which possibilities and opportunities digitalization opens up for their workflows. Moreover, they now know where these opportunities can be found in their company and how they can be exploited.

  • Collaborative projects

    As a result of the newly acquired competencies, Thomas and his employees have already been able to identify several opportunities that digitalization provides for their company. Together with ignaite and their network, the realization of these is now being planned and implemented.

  • Now it's your turn!

    Let us be a part of your success story!

Our Tools

These are the tools we use in our workshops and projects. For this purpose, we have adapted the visual programming tools Blockly and Node-RED for the usage with the ESP-32 microcontroller and the application of AI methods.


The ESP-32 is a cost-effective and versatile microcontroller and our device of choice when it comes to implementing IoT applications. With its wide range of interfaces, there are almost no limits to your creativity.


With this block-based programming language, anyone can program microcontrollers for IoT applications - without having any coding knowledge at all. We have fully customized it for use with the ESP-32 microcontroller.


This flow-based visual programming tool allows anyone to apply rich data analysis and even AI techniques by simply inserting function blocks. We extend these blocks according to your needs.

Our Team

Our team combines competencies in current topics and developments in information technology with entrepreneurial knowledge. We use our passion for innovation to realize the perfect solution with you.

Richard Haxel

Chief Executive Officer

Marlies Morgen

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Jens Schneider

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido Dartmann

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Vette-Steinkamp

Scientific Advisor

Our Partners

We have a network of innovative partners with whom we are in constant exchange in order to stay on top of new developments and to expand our competencies.


Gymian addresses global health problems caused by physical inactivity. Using AI technologies, biomechanical and psychological knowledge, it revolutionizes the fitness sector and creates a healthier and more resilient society. Advanced AI methods such as 3D Pose Estimation and Large Language Models enable personalized training strategies. Autonomous, AI gyms provide an interactive and unique training experience. An example of AI's transformative power.

MWA Solutions

MWA Solutions GmbH is revolutionizing transport management and digital, paperless transport processing with its state-of-the-art logistocat software solution. This browser-based online transport processing software offers a comprehensive range of interwoven software modules, including dispatching, route optimization and container management. As a result, logistocat covers the most important requirements for efficient transport management and enables companies to optimize their supply chains and reduce costs.


Where digital meets responsibility. T-Systems, guided by our "Rethink the System" mantra, leverages the dual forces of digital prowess and AI to pioneer sustainable change. With the immense potential of AI for ecological transformation, we're deeply committed to ensuring its responsible deployment, especially in the evolving landscape of the forthcoming AI act. Celebrated by ISG and PAC as frontrunners in fusing digital consultancy with ESG services, our specialized insights, enhanced by our advisory arm Detecon, promise your responsible and rewarding journey in 'Digitainability'.

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